Speech/Language Services

Speech-Language Pathologists evaluate and treat children and adults with speech (speech sounds, voice and resonance, and stuttering), language (comprehension and expression), social-communication, cognitive-communication and feeding/swallowing disorders.

Speech-Language Pathologists

Patricia McElroy

Patty is the president of PTS, forming the company in 1992. She  graduated from Texas Christian University, following with 2 years at Hollins College with an MS Degree in Speech-Language Pathology.  

Diane Nader-Epling

Diane graduated from Marshall University with an MA degree in Speech-Language Pathology after receiving a BS degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from Bowling Green State University. Diane's areas of specialty include dyslexia, fluency difficulties and apraxia.

Emily Woolwine

Emily graduated from Marshall University’s Communication Disorders Masters Program. She is especially passionate about feeding and swallowing disorders and treatment.

Erin Crotty

Erin currently works for Birth to Three and PTS part time, while working for Kanawha County Schools full time during the school year. She graduated from West Virginia University with an MS degree in Speech-Language Pathology.