Meet Lucy!

Lucy is an Irish Doodle, born on February 15, 2019. She lives with Patty and her husband and loves to come to the office! She loves the kids, therapists and our staff! 

Starting when she was 8 weeks old, Lucy has been coming to the office. She understands that she has to be quiet and usually naps during therapy sessions; however, she is very energetic when the kids com in and out of therapy!   

Our plan is to train Lucy as a PTS therapy dog. 

To date: she can sit, wait and come. There will be a lot of training ahead in basic obedience before she is trained specific to therapy - Lucy is working and learning every day!

Keep watching her page for updates on her progress!


August 2019: Lucy successfully completed her puppy training class! Lucy's trainer describes her as "super smart with a wonderful temperament"! 

We are so excited for Lucy - now on to the next level of classes!