MAY 11, 2020 UPDATE

As of today, PTS is beginning the process of reopening. Will will be starting with a very limited staff and client load; however, over the next 3 weeks we are hoping to increase sequentially until we are fully operational with a target date of June 1. We realize that with public health information evolving during this period we may have to be flexible with that date. We will continue to offer Teletherapy services. These services will be based on both client/family interest as well as your therapist’s determination of how effective and appropriate this platform will be for your child.

Our protocol for going forward likely through summer at the very least is included on the attached Risk Management Plan. Basically, it includes the closure of our waiting room for families as we put in place the week before our closure, extensive cleaning, temperature checks for staff and clients, and hand washing. Payment can be made by sending a check with your child or by mail, calling the office with a credit card, or preferably, using invoices sent to your email through our EMR software, Fusion. With that method, you can easily pay by computer or phone.

If you are interested in coming in for therapy and have not been called, let Chelsie or Patty know. We will staff the office every day, and will be answering and returning calls, so please leave a message if you don’t reach us. Also, you can email us at or

We are very hopeful that PTS can provide your child the services he/she needs during this public health crisis-either in person or via Teletherapy. Best wishes to all of you for the health and safety of your family from your friends at PTS! Stay in touch with the office, check the website for updates regularly, and continue to read over suggestions and activities therapists have posted throughout this period.  

Pat McElroy

Check out this great video about social distancing that might help your child understand what is going on in the world right now!